Research activities

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This team carries the Radiotherapy activity of the Health Group.

The keywords are:

  • medical radiophysics
  • radiobiology
  • molecular imaging


The main challenge of radiotherapy is to achieve an individualized deposition of a curative dose in the target structure (tumor or organ) while ensuring that the surrounding healthy tissues are irradiated as little as possible and always below the tolerance threshold to preserve their integrity. This optimization of treatments requires first of all a better understanding of the different mechanisms involved during irradiation, from biochemical effects at the cell level to collective effects at the tissue level. Improving the biological efficiency and ballistics of beams for external radiotherapy (proton, light and heavy ions, high-energy electrons) or developing innovative radionuclides for internal radiotherapy (alpha emitters, theranostic agents) are also central issues, such as control of treatment delivery (beam metrology, on-line control of delivered dose), the implementation of new modes of dose delivery (spatial modulation of dose rate, very high dose rates, nanoparticles, vectorization for internal radiotherapy, etc.) and the optimization of treatment systems. ) and the optimization of individualized treatment planning systems (improving physical and biological input data, simulation).